StyleNique Presents: 5 Ways To Be The Best Version of Yourself

Go for it, just start

        Life is short, go for it before it's too late. I'm not just saying that because of the current climate if you are here today then there's never been a better time than the present to start. I'm saying this because we often have a list of ventures we want to embark on but never follow through. This is the time to show friends and family that they're loved and appreciated, the time to be more dedicated to your commitments and the time to take a step of faith. You may want to start a blog, website, business, etc. the key is to start even if you are uncertain or let's face it scared of failure.

       Be intentional, draft a plan in writing, I appreciate a pretty notebook or journalWriting down goals increases the chance of implementing it. Have you ever accomplished something and thought "huh why didn't I do this earlier"? It's the same principle, you'll never know unless you try and it's a lot better to go for it while scared than to regrate letting fear get in the way... let that sink in just a little.

It's ok to not have it completely figured out.

        I don't personally know too many people who have it all the way figured out. Being a creative person I have tons of ideas running through my head and sometimes they come in little waves that bearly reach my ankles other times it can knock me off my feet. 
        At times it tends to feel overwhelming because you want to do a thousand different things but just know that it takes time and it's okay to take a beat and figure that out. Don't hesitate, I challenge you to go ahead and try the different ideas because you never know if it can be successful without trying, there's no time or age limit so don't put pressure on yourself.

It's ok if people don't like you or support your craft/cause.

        Yes, you've heard it before but I'm reiterating it! You can't please all the different personalities you come across and it's not your fault! Your craft may not spark their interest, maybe they don't think it's up to par, they don't want you to be successful, don't care enough to show support or maybe they don't even realize that they are not being supportive. Whatever the reason, I have found that it's far more satisfying to focus on the few people who encourage, support, share or even like a post about the things that are meaningful to you. Focus on the positivity in your life, not the negative and certainly not the elements you can't control.

Be attentive to how you spend your time and energy.

        Have you ever had a conversation with someone and just felt drained afterward? Sometimes the people or the subjects we read or discuss end up taking more away from us then we intended. You just feel like lighting some candles and taking a relaxing bath or something. With the same token, there are people in our lives who just don't add value to our time. As a matter of fact, after you speak or spend time with them you find yourself sort of dissatisfied like you need some spa action asap. We don't have to go down the cancel culture road however I will say just be careful of the time reserved for such people and situations.

Be there for your friends and family and take care of yourself.

        I've always been a worry ward and often have to talk myself down (pray for me lol). And this extends to people who matter to me, if they are hurting then I'm hurting for them. The thing is I sympathize so much that I put myself in their shoes and become overwhelmed. Othertimes I physically want to cater to them even though certain circumstances may hinder it. 

        The key takeaway is to do your best in such situations while understanding that it's ok to say no if you absolutely can not do it! It's hard to even type this because it's hard for me to say no to certain people, but If someone who you've been there for in the past can't understand that you couldn't be there this one time then that's a reflection on them, not you. It's ok to honor yourself once in a while and some people may not like it, however, you're not in charge of other people's feelings you can only take care of yourself.

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