StyleNique Presents: Christmas 2019

Christmas is my favorite time of year!! Growing up my parents made it really special for us and as I grew up I paid it forward with my younger siblings. I remember purchasing a piece of jewelry that my sister wanted after I told her it was too expensive and the spark of joy on her face sold Christmas to me all over again. I love to give and make others happy whether it’s in the form of providing a service, hand-making items or purchasing one as long as it will spark joy I’m here for it!

The look: To keep it festive we wore matching red plaid pajamas which are super easy to find get ladies jumpsuit here and here, men plaid bottom here and here, girls here and here and toddler here and here. The kicker is that most of these are on sale since Christmas is over but honestly they are comfy pajamas for all year round. (These can also be found at the very end of this post).

This year my daughter is beginning to understand what Christmas is and becoming familiar with wanting certain presents and opening them by herself which was very exciting. We celebrated Christmas with my oldest sister and her family and it was such a fun experience especially for the children. It’s always nice to spend time with family and just take a beat to reflect on the important aspects of life.

Now, looking forward to a new year! May the year 2020 be filled with opportunities, breakthroughs and may grace and favor abound, can I get an Amen?!!!

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