StyleNique Presents: How to Hide Belly Fat, Fupa, Back Rolls|Securely Cinched Shapewear

I'm excited about Securely Cinched shapewear and want to share how to hide belly fat, fupa, and back rolls. Since having children I've been searching for shapewear that can really suck in my post-partum belly. So far the only available options were corset/waist trainer, and the stretchy tight shapewear which did a good job smoothing everything out but provided minimum hold. In my experience, the waist trainers provided the toughest hold however the wire strips were very uncomfortable and showed through clothes. 

What I like most about Securely Cinched Shapewear

  • Provides a tough and stronghold
  • Doesn't show through the majority of my clothes
  • I can control the level of hold and toughness
  • Compact and easy to take off and store
  • Stretchy and adapts to my changing waistline 
  • Velcro closure sticks to all portions of the waist band
  • Can be used as a postpartum belly wrap


The sizes provided are medium and large. It comes in a cute little package along with a thank you card.


It was quite easy to put on, simply wrap the band upwards towards the belly area. I wrapped the belly band as tight as I was comfortable with and tightened areas that required more compression. It was easy to adjust and smooth out protruding sections, flexibility is key. 


Below are a few pictures that show how the band looks underneath different types of form-fitting clothes/fabrics. For reference, the band is size Large.                        

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