StyleNique Desserts and Sweets: 3 Easy Valentine's Day Desserts Anyone Can Make...Seriously


Valentine's Day is next week and it's always nice to show someone you care by spending the time to make them something. I always find that such gifts are meaningful because of the effort it takes. Buying a gift is acceptable as well and if you're still thinking of gift ideas take a look at my last post on gift guides for both him and her (here).

In elementary school I remember making gifts like heart shaped cards, painting and those refrigerator posters; as adults, we can still make items that our Valentine can appreciate. Knowing this I decided to make strawberries my main ingredient and cover them with sweets including powered sugar, yogurt, chocolate and cookie crumbs.

  1. This fruit kebab with strawberries and grapes sprinkled with powdered sugar is super simple to make. If you don't have powdered sugar don't worry (I didn't either) I blended regular granulated sugar and it turned out great.  

2.  It's back.... the limited time Red Velvet Oreo Cookies with cream cheeses filling. I decided to pair it with strawberries dipped in yogurt and sprinkled it with powdered sugar.  The trick here is to dip the strawberry in yogurt, place it in the freezer for about 10-15 min. and dip it again for a thicker coverage.


3. Yum Yum! First I dipped the strawberry in chocolate to create an adhesive, crushed my favorite cookies (I used shortbread) coated it and topped it with little chocolate swirls. Next to it are sliced bananas, chocolate and a little of the leftover cookie crumbs. This turned out to be my favorite.



Which dessert do you want to attempt 1, 2 or 3,  let us know below....

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