StyleNique Events: Wedding Dresses on the Red Carpet

Hey StyleNique fans, it's award season again and the red carpet seems to get more attention then the award ceremonies itself. Recently, wedding dresses are setting a major tend on the the red carpet, hey... who said wedding dresses are only for brides? Wedding inspired dresses seem to be one of the top trends in evening, prom and party wear. Your typical white puffy dress no longer belongs to blushing brides, designers are now incorporating the romantic and whimsical feel into occasional designs as well; most of their pieces today are dresses that can double as both bridal and formal wear. See link for more pics

Celebrities have also been experimenting with this trend on the red carpet. Who can blame them...noting says "I'm here" like a long cascading white gown and celebrates such as Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway , Miley Cyrus have been spited rocking this look on the red carpet. Hey if your a wedding junkie like someone I know you'd probably jump at the opportunity to wear a wedding dress to a special occasion if you thought you could get away with with, I know I would.