StyleNique Events Presents: Daniel and Margaret

This January was filled with cold and snowy days but it didn't keep two love birds from coming together on January 29, 2011. Daniel and Margaret warmed the hearts of friends and family as they were committed to one another in an intimate engagement ceremony followed by an exchange of vows.

In a cozy venue beautifully decorated by StyleNique Events in coral and white organza linens, Daniel along with his family professed him intention of marriage to Margaret... and with a warm embrace his family was welcomed. As Margaret's mother presented her to her new family, Margaret who wore a beige embroidered gown gracefully embraced them with spender and joy.

The following morning family members gathered in a Presbyterian sanctuary for the exchanging of vows in a ceremony that can be described as warm and cozy. After a brief word and exaltation the minister joined Daniel and Margaret together in Holy Matrimony, and after sealing their vows with a word of prayer they were pronounced man and wife where they were congratulated by family and friends.

"Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate." Mark 10:9